Treaty of Portsmouth 1713 continued from page two (see also page one):

"... have hereunto set our hands and seals, the day and year first above written.

   J Rev Knap
   Geo. Vaughan
   Sha^d Walton
   W Dudley
   Edmund Quinsey
   Spencer Phips
   J Widger.
   Sam A Moody
   Samu S Lynde
   Richard Saltonstal
   Josiah Willard
   Henry Somorby
   Thos Leihmesel
   Joseph Hiller Jun.
   Jos: Lloyd
   James Alford
   Jon^a. Roining'lon
   John Gillman





   Stephan Minot
   Jonathan Pollard
   Geo. Jalfrey
   A. Wilbury
   John Leighton
   Peter Martin
   John Yoo
   (unclear) Goessth
   Robert Carson
   Jonathan Kling
   Stephen Eastwick
   (unclear) Nalle^a Rogers?
   John Nowmarch
   Henry Flynt



   Jabez Hitch
   Samll Moodey
   Jera. Wise
   John Karnard
   Nicholas Sever
   (unclear) Samll. Fiske
   Cha. Story, Secy. of N.H.
   James Lusmore
   Richard Waldron
   Ths: Sheppard
   John Penhallow
   Geo: Huntington
   (unclear) Samll: Pluisted?
   John Newman (unclear Jr.?)
   James Joffry



 Additional signatures, page four.

Following the circulation of the 1713 Treaty of Portsmouth, an additional conference in July 1714 resulted in an addendum with additional signatures.

SOURCE: This document is part of the Levi Woodbury Papers at the Library of Congress. Levi Woodbury (1789-1851) of Portsmouth, NH (born in Francestown NH on December 22, 1789) was a prominent Democrat, attorney and Freemason. Justice of NH Supreme Court from 1816-23. Governor of NH, 1823-24. Speaker of the NH House of Representatives, 1825, then elected US Senator from NH and served 1825-31 and 1841-45 (resigned 1845). Was US Secretary of the Navy, 1831-34; US Secretary of the Treasury, 1834-41; US Supreme Court Justice,  1845-51. He died in office, in Portsmouth on September 4, 1851 and is buried in Harmony Grove Cemetery in Portsmouth. Levi Woodbury was a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President in 1848.