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First Nations Diplomacy Opens the Portsmouth Door:

1713 Treaty of Portsmouth

In 2013, the 1713 Treaty of Portsmouth Tri-centennial Anniversary Committee curated an exhibit hosted by the Portsmouth Historical Society and Strawbery Banke Museum. The panels (links below) were created with assistance from a panel of scholars and First Nations advisors.


1.  Seeking Peace in the Dawnland

2.  Submission Language in the Treaty

3.  The Portsmouth Conference, July 1713

4.  First Nations Diplomats at Portsmouth

5.  The New Hampshire Council

6.   Conflict in Portsmouth

7.  Portsmouth Opens to Expansion after 1713

8.  Map of Portsmouth and Treaty effects. (A)

9.  Map of Portsmouth and Treaty effects. (B)

10. Portsmouth Signers of the Treaty


In addition to the panels, English and First Nations artifacts were displayed in the exhibit. Please click here for the first of 6 pages of detailed images and descriptions of those items.